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We are committed to promoting automatization of visual inspection with our advanced image processing technology.

President: Shinichi Takenaka

Image Inspection System

Takenaka System Co. was established in 1975, and developed the line scan camera (MOS type) in 1976 for the first time in Japan. Since then we are continuing to produce and sell high-function, high-quality products, as a specialized producer of line scan cameras, digital video cameras and image inspection equipments , promoting automatization of visual inspection with our advanced image processing technology. Our products using line scan cameras such as On-line Pinhole Detector, Sheet Width Inspection Equipment, Film Inspection System, Sheet Material Inspection System are successfully in operation at various manufacturing plants. Moreover , in recent years, the line scan camera is creating new demand for applications of inspection equipment for semiconductor manufacturing equipment, LCD panel or plasma panel, being employed as high precision image input device for image processing unit. Our another main products, Fiber-optic High-precision Pinhole Detectors are also employed at copper /aluminum foil manufacturing plants, and are inspecting 3μmφpinholes on high-speed manufacturing line. Our high-speed, high-precision inspection equipments having outstanding quality, superior performance and high reliability, are being used by customers with much satisfaction.


We have started producing FA digital cameras at a very early stage of these development history and have been worked to disseminate the technology. Progressive scan cameras including 11 million-pixels camera are produced and sold with the trademark ”Full frame shutter” camera, and we have the wide range of those cameras from low-grade cameras to high-speed, high-precision and high-function cameras to meet various customer needs . The Progressive scan cameras are used in a wide range of fields from inspection equipment of microscopic LSI pattern to ITS (Intelligent Transport System). There may be a time that various kinds of on-site image information are transmitted via wireless LAN and necessary information is available any time when needed. And if it comes to that, the progressive scan camera employing digital technologies will be able to perform a crucial function. (e.g. Our three FA cameras are functioning well in experiment facilities onboard Japanese Kibo of ISS.)


Peripherals of Line scan camera and Digital video camera such as Board width measuring equipment , Video freezer and Defect detector are active in various areas of industry as highly reliable automatic equipments with our own electronic technology.

Company Information

Trade Name
June, 1959
January, 1975
Shareholders Capital
45 million Yen
Number of Employees
Head Office
86-66 Nomizo-cho Otsuka Yamashina-ku, 607-8135
TEL : 81-75-593-9300 FAX : 81-75-593-9790
Business Outline
  • Manufacturing and Selling of INDUSTRIAL VIDEO CAMERA
  • Manufacturing and Selling of LINE SCAN CAMERA
  • Manufacturing and Selling of PINHOLE DETECTION SYSTEM
  • Manufacturing and Selling of AUTOMATED VISUAL INSPECTION SYSTEM
President Shinichi Takenaka
Correspondent Bank
Kyoto Ban
Bank of Mitsubishi UFJ
Sum Total of Group
Shareholders Capital
Number of Employees
421 million Yen