Environmental Declaration

Environmental Philosophy

TAKENAKA SYSTEM CO., LTD. will make efforts throughout the entire organization to promote environment conservation recognizing that Global Environment Conservation is one of the most important common concerns for all humankind.

Environmental Policy

TAKENAKA SYSTEM CO., LTD. promotes environmental management activity based on the following policies and aims to conduct business activities in harmony with the global environment in order to reduce the environmental impacts of all the business activities related to manufacturing and marketing of control equipments including sensors and of such products.

  1. Observance of environment-related law
    We will abide by environment-related regulatory requirements including the Basic Environment Law and other claims postulated that we agree to promote the environment conservation.
  2. Promotion of energy and resource saving
    We promote the resource saving by promotion of reduction, saving and reuse of raw materials required for the production as well as addressing activities to improve effective utilization of energy including electric power.
  3. Development of eco-products
    Since our products are able to contribute to the environmental conservation activities of customers, we will work to produce power saving and space-saving products as well as to improve the functions of those products.
  4. Harmony with natural environment of the earth
    We will contribute to creating a beautiful local environment around our offices by fully recognizing that we conduct business in a wonderful environment blessed with nature in a scenic place and an ancient city.
  5. Continual improvement
    In order to achieve this environmental policy, we will work to improve our environmental management activities continuously by reviewing our environmental conservation target periodically to prevent pollution.
  6. Development of environmental educational activity
    We will publish this environmental declaration outside our company as well as familiarize all our employees and subcontract factories with it so that each one of them can proactively practice activities to decrease the environmental burdens.

    July 18, 2012

    President, Shinichi Takenaka